Founded in 2010, Basilicus is a small artisanal winery, with an annual production of a mere 10,000 bottles (850 cases) from seven hectares (17 acres) that lie in four historical vineyard sites in the villages of Tarcal and Bodrogkeresztúr. Located in a quiet back street of the former, the winery headquarters are a testament to contemporary architecture, while the wines are made using fairly rudimentary equipment, including a battered mechanical press and a couple of twenty-year-old French barrels, in a shabby old stone house in the rear of the landscaped garden.

One of the Tokaj region’s most seasoned winemaker and vintner, András Kanczler makes several small-lot wines, including blends and varietals, from five out of Tokaj’s six authorised grape varieties, every year. Wine styles range from dry single-vineyard Furmint varietals to traditional botrytised sweet wines from Szamorodni to Fordítás and Aszú.

For a tasting appointment, please, email us at or call Gergely Somogyi on +36202181848.